Keeping You Informed

When you're part of the Dynamic Syndications team, you're part of the most progressive racehorse syndication company in Australia. The true market leaders, where our success is tangible and is easily judged by the results we achieve.

It’s simple - Nobody can match the success Dean Watt has achieved for his clients. The trophies are on display and the photos are on the wall.

Dean knows it is imperative that each owner is treated with the respect ownership bestows. At Dynamic Syndications you’re an Owner – not a number. Let’s face it – without owners there would be no racing industry!

Dynamic Syndications ensures that the service we provide our owners is superior. Others may attempt to reach our lofty standards however no one can provide a matched service

Dean raised the bar to a level that sets Dynamic Syndications apart from the rest. It’s our business philosophy that we shall excel in owner communication. Every owner has access to direct personal contact.

How Dynamic Syndications Information Flow is Disseminated:

We write by email or fax to each owner and lodge these reports in chronological order in your dedicated mailbox on our website. We also regularly store updated video clips of the horse at the stables, trainer interviews, jockey interviews, raceday replays and any photos in your mailbox. So no matter where you are in the world at anytime, you will be able to access immediate information about your horse. For any owner without access to a computer special arrangements are made.


  • We ensure that with every Dynamic horse owners shall receive a written report every seven days as a minimum and more regular updates are dispersed when the horse is in racing. This is designed to keep you constantly up to date with the progress of your horse.
  • When the horse is spelling you receive a seven day update as to how the horse is and a countdown as to when the horse is due to return.
  • When the horse goes into pre-training you receive seven day updates as to what the horse did in his previous seven days and what he is penciled in to do the next seven days.
  • When the horse enters the trainer’s stables, in the early foundation work you receive an update every seven days in similar style to the pre-training reports.
  • From the time the horse is ready to barrier trial until his return to the paddock the updates frequency is increased.
  • When nominations close for a race, you are sent an email and SMS alert showing the race the horse has been nominated for and all other nominations for that race.
  • When weights are released you are sent an email and SMS alert of the field and weights for each runner.
  • When acceptances are released you are sent an email and SMS alert showing the field, time of race, barrier draw and jockey engaged.
  • The day prior to the race you will receive a written summary from Dynamic as to the following: Trainer’s opinion, Speed Map, Ratings, Race Tactics expected to be employed.
  • The afternoon prior to raceday, our Client Liaison Officer will call each owner to discuss the upcoming event and help where possible with any ticketing requirements, organise any meet and greet logistics, etc.
  • On raceday in 99% of occasions, a representative of Team Dynamic will be at the races with you to introduce you to fellow owners, Trainer and Jockey, discuss race tactics, and attend to any other matters. We will assist with your pre-race availability to the enclosure plus post race enclosure discussions. When successful, we enjoy the Winner’s Circle and arrange your photo being taken with your horse in the Winner’s Circle. We then accompany you to the Winning Owner’s room or if we were unsuccessful, we go to the owner’s area and watch the post race replays to dissect the race.
  • The same day a statistical review of the race is forwarded be email which is sent out with sectional times and margins.
  • The following working day after the race, a post race summary is sent out by Dynamic advising how the horse has pulled up the following day after the race and how his general condition is. We advise where our next targeted race will likely be and what the Trainer’s and Jockey’s opinions were.
  • If there is longer than 10 days between runs, you will receive your next update within seven days and then the above process will be repeated throughout the racing preparation of the horse.

So as you can appreciate, you will never be in a position to wonder what is happening with your horse. This is the strict process Dynamic Syndications follows to ensure maximum enjoyment for owners.

Should any owner require any further information or clarity on any aspect or a discussion about the horse or wish to arrange a stable or spelling farm visit, need assistance with questions relating to race programming, insurance, raceday assistance or whatever it may be, Dynamic Syndications have a dedicated Client Liaison Officer who’s role it is to assist our clients with their needs. We like you, are a phone call away.

You simply can’t miss out!