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Buying your first horse is just the beginning of your involvement in this exciting industry. Your best approach is to utilise a team of experts. Using the skills and expertise of Dean Watt, a high profile and reputable bloodstock consultant and the market leader in racehorse syndications is your major step. His success has been built over 30 years and is based upon Transparency, Integrity, Client Service and very importantly - Racetrack Results.

Most clients don’t realise it’s the behind the scenes work which is undertaken, that elevates Dean to the top of his profession. It’s the countless hours of bloodstock research involving pedigree analysis, especially relating to pedigree genetics where observations are made and decisions are based upon historical data supporting proven stallion line crosses when combined with environmental factors.

As a Member of the Federation of Bloodstock Agents – Australia, it’s also Dean’s skill set to assess and determine commercial market appraisals which translates into significant advantages for our business and offers our clients greater certainty as to equine investment values and profit opportunities.

Dean has also benefited from a hands-on approach to the industry. Early in his career Dean studied and was awarded a Diploma in Horse Husbandry and Management from McMillan College - (Affiliate - Melbourne University), An Australian Stock Exchange Diploma and a Diploma in Treasury Dealing from TDC - (Affiliated Macquarie University).

In 1996 Dean held a Trainers Licence in the SERA where he trained several winners. This was never his intention to become a Racehorse Trainer. However he felt to truly understand the workings of a racing stable and communicate effectively with all owners and industry suppliers (Trainers, Veterinarians, Jockey’s, Track Riders, Strappers, Feed & Produce Merchants, Transporters and Racing Administrators, etc.,) the only way to gain a full understandings of the intricacies of the sport was to be a hands-on participant.

Dean is the only professional racehorse syndicator to have:

  • Successfully held a Racehorse Trainers Licence.
  • Achieved a Tertiary Qualification Specific to the Thoroughbred Industry
  • Been a long standing Member of the Federation of Bloodstock Agents – Australia
  • Accumulated over 30 year’s industry experience.

This grounding assured a thorough knowledge which allows the Dynamic Team to report accurately to our owners to ensure they understand exactly what is happening with their horse and what procedures we are following in the daily horse husbandry of their investment.

The Dynamic Syndications Administration Team is an elite group of industry professionals with years of specific industry business acumen behind them. This has been a key component of our success. Just as in the selection of thoroughbreds, we have used the same philosophy in the selection of staff.

"Select the BEST and leave the REST!"

Chief Financial Officer Administration and Compliance Officer Personal Assistant to Dean Watt Operations Manager


Fiona has worked closely with Dean for over 20 years and has an intimate knowledge of the racing industry. Fiona is well versed in all procedural requirements required by Racing NSW and ASIC.  Fiona’s role as Chief Financial Officer includes: Accounts Payable and Receivable Duties, Administering Trust Accounts, Preparing BAS Reports, Preparing Budgets, Distribution of Prizemoney and Sale Proceeds, Compliance Reports for ASIC under the Australian Financial Services Licence, Preparing Financial Reports for Accountants and Auditors,  Creation and Implementation of Product Disclosure Statements, Racing Syndicate Deeds, Trust Accounts, Share Application and Annexures for Individual Horse Promotions, Attending to all RISA Documentation including Registration, Transfers and Stakes Payments, Registrations for BOBS, Super VOBIS, QTIS, also the Golden Slipper, Blue Diamond, Magic Millions or William Inglis eligibilities, Various Client Liaison Assistance including Racetrack Meet and Greets, etc.

In addition, Fiona acts as Dean’s Personal Assistant and attends to other administration matters as they arise.

Fiona attends the races with Dean and ensures all owners are included in raceday protocols such as pre and post race meetings with trainer and jockeys and ensuring owners partake in post race hospitality.

At yearling sales, Fiona has become a vital assistant in pre sale inspections and during the sale ensures Team Dynamic’s clients are catered for.  Fiona didn’t grow up within a racing background but rather married into the industry and offers vital support to her husband’s ever expanding business. Fiona's friendly and outgoing personality makes her an ideal point of reference for any administration questions you may have.

Sales / Marketing & Business Development


Adam was literally born into the business and from the time he was old enough to go to the races he has been with Dean at Race Meetings, Sales and Stable Visits etc.

Adam finished school in 2007 and was keen to join the family business right away however after some soul searching he wisely chose to go to University where he obtained a Bachelor of Sports Management from Canberra University.

Upon finishing his degree Adam returned to Sydney and joined Team Dynamic on a full time basis in December 2010. During his University course Adam was able to do internships with both the Brumbies and Magic Millions.

Adam’s role with Team Dynamic includes:

  • Being the Point of Contact for all potential clients looking to purchase a share in a racehorse.
  • Answering all email and telephone enquiries.
  • Handling all Dynamic social media updates: Facebook, Twitter and You tube.
  • Creation and Distribution of Email Marketing and Newsletters.
  • Ensuring wherever possible a Dynamic Representative is available on raceday for our clients. This includes meet and greet protocols and also ensuring the race instructions are accurately relayed to rider and owners should Dean or the Trainer be unable to attend.
  • Assists with inspections of the yearlings during Sales Season.
  • Actively involved in race selection and planning with Dean, pre-race reviews, speed maps, and rating work.  Attends the races on behalf of Team.
  • Pedigree Analysis Reviewing with Dean before the sales. 

Apart from the above job description In May of 2012, Adam went to Europe for a fact finding mission for 6 months where he gained further valuable insights to the thoroughbred industry which will proved advantageous to him and Dynamic upon his return.

Client Liaison Executive


Once a client becomes an owner with Dynamic Syndications, Peter is your Man!

Peter is specifically employed to make your ownership experience enjoyable. His job is to communicate with all our owners. As a minimum with Dynamic Syndications you will receive a written update from Peter every seven (7) days.

A typical workday for Peter includes:

  • Daily contact with the stable getting the latest up to date information about your horse’s progress and the trainer’s immediate plans for trackwork as we head towards race days
  • Discussions with Veterinarian’s who attend to Team Dynamic horses
  • Liaise with Spelling Farms and Pre-Trainers as to the progress of our horses in their care
  • Organise the movement of horses by float companies from point to point around Australia
  • Discuss the daily management of horses with Dean and then prepare updates for owners including pre race reports
  • Assist Dean with race planning and management of every horse on our books and determine plans to maximise opportunities for our owners to achieve results
  • Discussions with trainers ensuring horses are nominated for their races and engage jockeys to ride our horses through their Managers
  • For horses that are racing, Peter contacts each owner by phone to ensure owners are aware their horse is running the following day
  • Peter assists Fiona with administration matters such as racehorse registrations and Transfers with RISA
  • Attends to owner inquiries including requests for any additional raceday ticketing allocations, organises client stable visits, insurance questions and general inquiries about your horse
  • Website maintenance and office IT issues and AFSL hardware & software compliance

As can be determined from the above list, its obvious Peter Wagstaff is a vital member of Team Dynamic and he is the source of all information relating to your horse and its daily routine. He has an intimate knowledge of your horse and its forward plans.

That’s why – Peter is your Man!