Selecting the BEST


As Australia's Leading Bloodstock Consultants and Racehorse Syndicators

Dynamic Syndications never lose sight that their job is to reduce risk and have a simple, proven and highly successful business philosophy –

“select the best and leave the rest”

All horses purchased by Dynamic meet a stringent selection criteria – that's why 88.2% of the horses we have syndicated have won and 96.8% to have raced have earned prizemoney.

 Managing Director, Dean Watt has worked within the Thoroughbred industry since 1982 and run his own professional licenced bloodstock consultancy since 1986.As such, Dynamic Syndications have access to facts and figures from around the world that only a handful of elite bloodstock professionals can use. It's this information flow and hours of research into these
 statistics that set Dynamic Syndications apart.

Buying a race horse is easy! All you have to do is stick your hand up, be the last man standing, sign the docket, hand over the money and it’s yours!  But, Dynamic Syndications are specialists in their field, understanding that liking the look of a racehorse is only a fraction of the equation.

Every horse purchased by Dynamic Syndications meet a stringent selection criteria covering;

We are looking for a specific pattern of breeding coming through generations 5 - 6 - 7 and 8. These patterns do not appear on the catalogue page - we search for hours through highly refined pedigree software analysing every pedigree in the catalogue.

We only select progeny by stallions based upon the stallions proven racetrack ability at the elite level and in the case of stallions with 3 crops of racing age or more, they must have elite statistics highlighting their ability to uplift broodmares and produce quality racehorses.

The pedigree must also represent commercially acceptable pedigree lines. Simply, the racing career of a thoroughbred is only half the story. Specifically in fillies where they become broodmares, they must possess a pedigree that will be commercially received in leading sales rings in the future.
In regards to colts, despite racetrack success, seldom will they make into a stallion if they do not have a highly commercial black type pedigree to support them. The racehorse's pedigree, in essence, is your insurance policy and potentially, your superannuation policy. It’s your road map for a most excitable journey.

Upon inspection, the first aspect that we look for is athleticism. It's imperative that the individual horse has the class and constitution to be an athlete - it must look like a racehorse!

There is no such thing as the perfect racehorse - they simply do not exist. What we do as professionals is reduce risk by eliminating all horses with conformational defects. Defects are likely, through bio-mechanical aspects, to create an increased risk of breakdown. The art and skill is to know what to eliminate and what can be accepted.

Each horse inspected is ranked into a category (classes A-D) and then eliminated through re-inspections. Once we have reached our final shortlist, our contracted veterinarian Dr TIM ROBERTS inspects each horse again for us to ensure nothing has been overlooked. Also at this stage, the vet places the stethoscope to the horse to check its heart beat for irregularities.

Lastly, following the above, a specific list of yearlings that have survived this rigorous selection process is supplied to Dr Tim Roberts who attends the x-ray repository on our behalf. Dr. Roberts inspects each set of x-rays supplied with each yearling.
It is a frightening statistic just how many horses have structural defects or areas of high risk exposed on x-rays that simply cannot be detected through physical observation of the horse. No human has x-ray vision so why would you risk huge amounts without knowing what lies beneath on the say so of some unskilled advisor or sugar lipped salesman?

X-rays are our quality assurance, we have a zero tolerance policy to any problems.Simply - Do not buy a racehorse with an existing problem!
It's a sad fact that so many racehorses which fail x-ray inspections with major defects are still sold through the ring for exceptionally high prices. It's this inexperience of the buyer, lack of professionalism (or laziness) or they are trying to save a buck (penny wise - pound foolish) not to check the x-rays that would save huge a heartache and big losses for the end owner.

Once the list of passed and failed lots are supplied, we then value each yearling based upon a specific formula relating to service fee, conformation, athleticism and commercial pedigree. Then we adjust on a ranking scale the individual sale the yearling is being sold at, general economic conditions and sales of similar lots and specific previous sales from the family.
All valuations are set away from the saleyards and team Dynamic arrive prepared, knowing what each horse is worth. 

It is with this work ethic and love of the industry that ensure the best horses are available for syndication to Dynamic Clients.
As a team, Dynamic Syndications believe that when you do the work, you reap the rewards. Or as Dynamic like to say – it’s their…