29 Dec 11

On behalf of the dedicated Team at Dynamic Syndications we take this opportunity to wish ALL our clients (current, past and future), as well as our many industry suppliers and friends as well as all racing enthusiasts "A HAPPY NEW YEAR" and the "Very Best of Wishes For 2012".

Now's the time to reflect on the past 12 months, the year that was - 2011.

A year filled with highs and lows, tears of joy and sorrow, a year that exposed in some - human frailty, a year where in the majority - kindness and generosity of human spirit shone through. A year of sometimes despair but more often gratitude, a year that has provided many good memories along the way, cemented many friendships and finally offers hope that 2012 becomes the year you want it to be !

2011 was an interesting year on many fronts. Economically speaking the Australian economy was very much a two tiered economy with obviously mining sector micro economies outperforming service sectors and the retail micro economies. Political uncertainty at home and abroad certainly contributed to a patchy marketplace as clients took a cautious approach.

That made it tough financially for some, whilst others enjoyed positive growth.

From a Sales perspective, Dynamic Syndications had a record number of "New Clients" 63% join the Team in 2011. We welcomed 124 New Clients to Dynamic Syndications specifically and to the Racing Industry generally. So despite the uncertainty of the economy, clients remained confident in the racing industry and Dynamic Syndications ability to keep producing winners.

As for success on the racetrack, the 2011 Calendar Year was a ripper ! With one runner remaining for 2011, we smashed our previous record for a 12 month period having landed 72 Race Track Victories with horses selected and purchased by Dynamic Syndications Managing Director Dean Watt at previous yearling sales.

From these 72 wins, 19 were City Wins (26%). Included amongst this were a Group 1 Win and 2 Listed Race Wins.

As we draw to a close in December, a review of the current 2011-12 Racing Season (1 August 11 - 31 July 2012), Dynamic Syndications horses have already won 31 races in the first 5 months. This will give us a platform for the next 7 months as we chase another 38 wins to better our previous best Racing Season which was 68 wins set in 2009-10.

Since our first Winner under the Dynamic Syndications Banner in October 2005, 101 Dynamic Syndications  purchased horses had won 263 Races between them and overall all Dynamic horses have earned a combined $7.6 million prizemoney.

Dynamic Syndications have had 125 Individual Runners with 121 Individuals Earning $7.6 million in Prizemoney (96.8%).

101 individual winners from the 125 individual runners (81%).

We have recorded 14 Stakes Performers including 3 Individual Group 1 Winners:


It's a simple and undeniable fact: Dynamic Syndications selected and purchased yearling's produce outstanding statistical success.

The Team at Dynamic Syndications is looking forward to 2012 yearling sales with great anticipation as we search for the stars of the future, and are hoping for another good year both on and off the racetrack.

We hope that 2012 brings you much joy, happiness and success. (and plenty of trips to the Winner's Circle).



Dynamic Syndications

Dean, Fiona, Peter, Adam and Rachel.

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