Amazing 120 Day Transformation in our SAVABEEL x BINGO Yearling Filly


One of the many enjoyable aspects of being a Bloodstock Consultant is statistical research.

Most importantly, how it cuts through the fluff and bubble of marketing hype and allows a review based on real data to make comparisons and develop theories.

Statistics deliver evidence of trends that in breeding of thoroughbred horses, give significant advantage to professional buyers and breeders.

There are so many variables in our industry that nothing can be guaranteed.

However, as a professional buyer, we would much rather start with data stacked heavily in favour of achieving success, we never buy on a whim which is akin to winning lotto.

A classic example of this is on display with our Dynamic Syndications purchased yearling by SAVABEEL x BINGO (O’Reilly) Brown Filly.

Our filly after we purchased her at the sales on 27 January 2020

Facts are Facts. SAVABEEL is the BEST SIRE in NEW ZEALAND and he nicks best with daughters of O’REILLY.



New Zealand’s PREMIER STALLION for the Past 6 Years in Succession

                   Rnrs    Wnrs   SR       SW    SWns    SP    Earnings
Totals        935        661     71%     99       186       67    $109,007,459

54.7% of his Progeny have raced in Australia

Australia    512     348     68%      40        58                 $51,253,699

20 Group 1 Winners

99 Stakes Winners

67 Stakes Placegetters

25% Black-Type Horses to Winners

15% Stakes Winners to Winners

40.4% Stakes Winners in Australian Races

At the 2020 NZ Yearling Sale, Dynamic Syndications purchased a fabulous looking filly by SAVABEEL from the city winning mare BINGO (by O’Reilly).

Having such an intimate knowledge of SAVABEEL since we raced him to win the Cox Plate and Spring Champion Stakes then on-selling him to Waikato Stud for a stallion career, we have followed his breeding statistics with intimate detail throughout his career.

To watch him rise to the top of the stallion ranks in NZ and maintain this position for 6 successive years has been awesome. Watching him take over from his own great sire ZABEEL who took over from his own sire SIR TRISTRAM has been very rewarding.

Studying the facts and figures we learn a lot of vital information that we use to our advantage.

The most important information we have learned based on statistical facts is that overall, SAVABEEL has his best results for producing Stakes Winners and Winners when mated with daughters of O’REILLY.

This cross SAVABEEL over O’REILLY has produced 14 of the stallions 99 Stakes Winners (14%)

The second-best result is with daughters of PINS that has produced 13 Stakes Winners (13%)

The third-best result is with daughters of FLYING SPUR that has produced 5 Stakes Winners (5%)

Top Nick Sires         Rnrs Wnrs S/R      SW    SP   SW:Wnrs    

O'Reilly (NZ)             119    87    78.3%    14    13    16.1%

Pins (AUS)                   96    69    71.8%    13      8     18.8%

Flying Spur (AUS)     17    16    94.1%      5      1     31.2%

Carnegie (IRE)           17    14    82.4%      4      3     28.5%

Montjeu (IRE)            21    12    57.4%      4      1     33.3%

Danasinga (AUS)       42   28    66.6%       3      5     10.7%

Another valuable trend we have learned over the years is about our yearling purchases from New Zealand. We like to bring the colts home straight away but with fillies, we prefer to leave them in New Zealand on their rich pastures for at least another 3-4 months.

Traditionally their yearlings are behind in development compared to Australian yearlings, due to growing conditions being a colder, wetter climate. However, they tend to blossom in their Autumn and the benefit of those pastures during that time is immense.

This can be seen in these photos taken last week.

At the yearling sales horses always look pristine.

It’s summer, they have lighter coats and have been prepared for 10 weeks leading up to the sale with special diets, exercise programmes and grooming.

Naturally, once the sale is over, they are put out into a spelling paddock. Their diet is back to grazing and hard feed without the specialised diet of a sale. They weather changes and cools, their coats become thicker which means they lose that glossy shine.

It's here where the horse either goes through a growth spurt, becoming more mature, bigger and stronger or alternatively, those with weak constitutions can become a bit of a sook and go backwards, not being able to cope with the lack of attention.


We are delighted to share pictures of the 6 month development our SAVABEEL x BINGO Filly

21st December 2019

Photo taken pre-sale at Waikato Stud 21 December 2019 before heading to the sales

27 January 2020
(Day of Purchase)

At the sales

25 March 2020

Back at Waikato Stud - in the Spelling paddock

Our filly after being in the paddock for 58 days on 25 March

22 May 2020

Now 4 months after we purchased her and as we head into winter you will see what a difference there is in our filly.

You can see how much stronger she is in the forearms, neck and shoulder and has lengthened along her back.

She has much bigger hindquarter, deep girth and is looking sensational!

Our Filly - Photo taken 22/5 at Waikato Stud. She was brought straight out of the paddock for photo

Our filly being walked so we can see her excellent conformation to her legs

This filly is now so strong she looks like she's a he! Imagine her taking on weaker fillies in races!

It’s getting cold in NZ but at Waikato Stud which is NZ’s premier thoroughbred establishment and who were the breeder of the filly we purchased at the sales, their pastures are lush, and our filly has thrived allowing her to build bone and muscle naturally.

Our filly could not have had a better start anywhere.

Our filly was due to fly to Australia yesterday but will now arrive in the next couple of weeks (depending upon plane availability) and we are thrilled with the way she is developing.

She is not yet broken-in or educated, she is just in raw, natural condition and we can envisage how she will polish up into a fantastic specimen of thoroughbred by the spring.

She has the genetics, she has the conformation, size and strength to be a success. She has a lovely commercial pedigree page and the planets have aligned.

Our filly is heading to be trained by “THE PEOPLE’S TRAINER” – RICHARD FREEDMAN at Rosehill.

We are having a great run of success from limited numbers with the stable and last weekend they trained our 15th Winner in 16 months for Team Dynamic so we are thrilled with their results for us.

Most importantly, our owners always enjoy the company of Richard, Will and Michael at the races.

5% Shares in our sensational SAVABEEL filly are $10,450 inc all costs to 31 July 2020.


•    A simply stunning individual with an A+++ genetic rating

•    Bred on Outstanding SAVABEEL x O’REILLY Cross (14 SW)

•    Same cross as Gr1 Winning Mares DIADEME, SAVARIA and COSTUME

•    Bred on the same cross currently striking at 75% Winners to Runners

•    Filly’s bred on this cross are currently 16% Winners to Stakes Winners

•    Filly’s bred on this cross are currently 37% Stakes Performers to Winners

•    By a Champion Stallion from an outstanding Black-Type Family

•    Bred on one of the best pedigree crosses in the NZ Stud Book

•    Wonderful specimen with terrific residual value


Savabeel x Bingo - TVC from Dynamic Syndications on Vimeo.

Savabeel x Bingo filly - Sirecam from Dynamic Syndications on Vimeo.

Lot 469 - Savabeel x Bingo filly from Dynamic Syndications on Vimeo.


We invite to to take the opportunity to find out more about this SAVABEEL filly by reviewing her webpages and if you would like to find out more give ADAM WATT a call on 02 9540 1511 or 0409 464 378 and have a chat.

The future belongs to those who grasp it !