Excitement of Racing

Excitement, Romance and a Note of Caution

The crash of the gates flying open, the immediate release of a field of powerful equine athletes, complete with jockeys wearing shimmering silks in a rainbow of colours. The thunder of the loud speaker system. They’re Racing!

Thoroughbred racing is a spectacle of pulse-quickening excitement, courage, strength and speed, with the star being the world’s most beautiful creature - the Thoroughbred.

There is no subject more full of life, action and colour than a racehorse. Owning a racehorse admits you to a fraternity (a brotherhood) unlike any other. The thrill of seeing your colours surging towards the winning post simply can’t be described or equaled.

Ask anyone who’s ever been there. They’ll tell you that watching their jockey’s colours come flying down the straight aboard 550 kilograms of magnificent equine muscle, traveling at 75 kilometers per hour, the exhilaration of the victory and basking in the limelight of the winners circle are among the most thrilling experiences that the sporting world has to offer.

There is a magic about the Thoroughbred that has captivated Kings & Queens, Presidents & Arabian Sheiks. However, the appeal of this noble creature transcends social status for he belongs to all of us and anyone who wants too can become involved in the Thoroughbred industry.

Thoroughbred racing is one of the most exciting, glamorous and pleasurable investments available, but it is also one of the most challenging. Those gut-wrenching seconds between barrier stalls and winning post are just a small part of a complicated and highly specialised industry. Months of effort and thousands of dollars are invested in the preparation of each horse in every race - as are dozens of crucial decisions which require special knowledge and sound judgment.

From selection of the racing team - horses, trainer and staff - to proper record-keeping and financial planning and racing management, the Thoroughbred owner must have a clear understanding of the workings of the industry and the owners own aspirations within it.

Most importantly, an owner must also be able to lose sometimes, both emotionally and financially, because unfortunately, it’s a fact of life in the racing business that more efforts end in defeat than victory. A dozen horses fly from the barrier stalls at the start of the race but only one will be led back to the winners circle. As swift and beautiful as the Thoroughbred looks, it is after all, a fragile creature of nature and those responsible for his care are only human.

“Statistics highlight that the very best trainers of equine athletes only win once in every 4.5 starts; so you can see it is more important to learn how to lose rather than to learn how to win.” - quote by the Aga Khan after his English Derby winner was defeated in the Arc de Triomphe of 1988.

Never before has the opportunity been better to make real profits from racing. Competition between race clubs driving prizemoney, bonus money from state breeding organisations, auction house incentive race series and other financial influx from sponsors, betting turnover, etc., has raised prizemoney to record levels.

There are also many other rewards from racing that can’t be taken to the bank, but they are highly desirable nonetheless. Thoroughbred racing is a world within a world, and pleasures, glamour and excitement it brings to those who enter it represent the range of the most richly textured traditions of the sporting world.

Dynamic Syndications acknowledges that our industry is relatively unknown and it’s the fear of the unknown that often keeps potential new owners watching from a distance rather than joining in. Dynamic Syndications can help bridge this gap and provides you with product knowledge and resource information, which will make you feel comfortable and welcomed within our team.

Before you consider joining the Thoroughbred fraternity be certain to call Dynamic Syndications. We are eager to see new owners and their horses make it to the winner’s circle. Those most likely to succeed are those who are well informed and dedicated to carrying on the thrilling yet challenging, tradition of the Thoroughbred with the highest standards.