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Thoroughbred racing is one of the most exciting, glamorous and pleasurable investments available, but it is also one of the most challenging. Those gut-wrenching seconds between barrier stalls and winning post are just a small part of a complicated and highly specialised industry. Months of effort and thousands of dollars are invested in the preparation of each horse in every race – as are dozens of crucial decisions which require special knowledge and sound judgment.

The Thoroughbred industry’s pursuit of excellence begins with the breeding and foaling of the equine athlete and comes to fruition on the racetrack. The close relationship between breeders and owners is intrinsic to the Thoroughbred tradition.

Dynamic Syndications believes the future of the Thoroughbred industry belongs to those who welcome both the excitement and the challenge of the sport.The way to the winner’s circle is a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work by a lot of people and of course – by your horse !

It’s reliance on individual experts that work together in Teams.

From the thought bubble of the broodmare owner several year’s earlier to mate their mare with a particular sire, so they may live their dream of producing a superior equine athlete, the attention to detail of the Studmaster caring for the mare, the delivery of the foal, the horse husbandry of stud farm staff through the early days, the weaning process and handling of the young horse as it’s taught to lead, the preparation of the yearling for the sale ring and the auction sale process itself. Their job is now done and they live in hope of future racetrack success for those who take up the challenge.

Dynamic Syndications use our skills and expertise gained over 30 years of studying genetic patterns in pedigrees, the knowledge and “the eye” to select equine athletes, to produce a shortlist of suitable candidates.

Then with the shortlist finalised, our contracted Veterinarian Dr. Tim Roberts is given the list to work through, eliminating any horse that in his opinion is not suitable. Then Dr. Roberts reads the X-rays of all those that have survived his inspections. With any yearling that has a question mark over any aspect of its X-rays, it is deleted from the list.

With a final list of qualified horses, Dean Watt who is one of only two syndicators to be a Member of the Bloodstock Agents Federation of Australia, uses his knowledge to establish an accurate Market Value of each yearling based upon a complex formula relating to Pedigree, Service Fee, Yearling Sale Average, Pedigree Sale Average and other criteria. With the ceiling price established and recorded in his catalogue, there is no opportunity that we would chase a yearling beyond acceptable valuation.

Having purchased the horse in the ring, Dean Watt has a Fall Of Hammer insurance facility in place with leading Insurance Broker LOGAN LIVESTOCK INSURANCE making sure all risk is covered.

We organise the horse to be sent to our preferred spelling farm – the Oakridge / Wild Oaks Complex run by Tony Hall and Roy Davies.

After a short period of rest post sale, the yearling is sent to our preferred educator SHANE ROSE of Bimbadeen Park to be broken-in. Shane is an outstanding horseman and represented Australia at the Beijing Olympics.

After being broken-in, the horse is spelled for a period before heading into pre-training at Wild Oaks pre-training operation for several weeks.

Then the yearling is sent to the trainer of choice. The trainer employs quality staff and trackriders and being a leading stable, has access to the best jockeys on raceday.

As can be determined above, there are many different Team Members that combine to create racetrack success. Whilst there can never be any guarantees in this business such is the nature of the sport, our Due Diligence to reduce as many risk factors as possible and to only deal with the Best of the Best, gives our clients an increased opportunity to achieve excellent racetrack results.

We hope to see you in the Winner’s Circle Soon !

From over 500 individual winners in a career spanning 30 years, Dean Watt rates his TOP 10 horses that gave him immense satisfaction.