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Our DYNAMIC Team of Racehorse Trainers in 2016


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Picking a trainer is like getting married. We need to choose someone whom you will be compatible with. Matching personalities is an essential ingredient. Trainers come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of competence. As a group they are ethical, competent and devoted horseman. New owners need to have an affinity with their trainer.

Dynamic Syndications has removed worries in this area. We only involve ourselves with leading professional trainers with proven performance, good communication skills and sound business principals. We look at the type of horse we buy - pedigree, conformation and budget - and look at the success our team of trainers have had with similar types of horses. We then match the yearling to the trainer to ensure the horse is given every opportunity to succeed.

The trainer has the day-to-day, hands-on responsibility of your investment.

Communication is the key to developing the kind of owner/trainer relationship that leads to success.

Dynamic Syndications in direct consultation with your trainer and manages the racing career of your Thoroughbred. Therefore it's important that we select the right trainer to work with. They must be knowledgeable and competent horsemen. The trainer takes the job of bringing your horse to each race healthy, and ready to perform at its best. In most instances the trainer in consultation with Dynamic Syndications, will decide where and when the horse will run, who will ride it and what training preparation it will receive.

Dynamic Syndications however takes an active role in assuring the correct options are being addressed.

Trainers are licensee persons by their states governing body. They are bound by the Australian Rules of Racing. To be licensed they have passed a written examination and practical tests designed to reflect a degree of knowledge of Thoroughbred racing and how to handle 550 kilogram, high-spirited horses.

Just as all tennis or golf pros are not equal in talent or ability, not all licenced trainers are equal in their ability to condition a racehorse.

How much will services of your trainer cost?

Dynamic Syndications advises all clients that in 2016, for a 5% share they should budget $8.20 per day ($57.7- per week / $250 per month / $3,000 per annum) to cover all costs over a 12 month period.

Fees vary significantly on the success and commerciality of the trainer and are a function of supply and demand however leading metropolitan trainers on average, will charge anywhere from $120 per day to about $150 per day + GST + Costs.

The trainer's fee includes cost of feed and labour.

The trainer is paying for grain, hay, bedding, vitamins, supplements, tack, stable hands, exercise riders, administration staff, workers compensation, taxes, insurance, rent, etc.

You will separately pay for vets, farriers, race fees, jockey riding fees, transportation and other incidentals. However all these charges have already been included in the $57.70 per week budgeted figure.

Under the Australian Rules of Racing, the trainer receives 10% of any prizemoney and the jockey receives 5% so it is in their best interests to see the horse is given every opportunity to be successful.