Jason Coyle

Meet Dynamic Trainer Jason Coyle - A Young Trainer on a Rapid Ride to the Top

In such a relatively short career span, he has experienced success at the highest level others have worked a lifetime and are still yet to achieve.

Jason has a stated business philosophy that aims to produce the best results for every horse under his care. It’s Jason’s easy going, likable personality, combined with an acute eye for a horse and attention to detail that sets him apart from his peers, stamping him as a leading young horseman, destined and determined to reach the top. Jason exhibits a hunger and passion for a sport that embraces the full range of emotions in us all. He meets these emotions with a cool and unflappable mannerism, a calmness that will ensure he reaches his dreams.

Jason’s commitment to success will benefit our owners who shall reap the fruits of his hard toil.

He has had an incredible success rate with horses in his care for such a young trainer who, in relative terms, is just starting out along what promises to be a wonderful career path.

He has shown a very rare affinity of being successful with young horses, as well as the patience and aptitude to continue winning races with seasoned gallopers at all class levels.

He has made a seamless transition from humble training beginnings at Newcastle, to then control a large operation at Warwick Farm which he handled with incredible success. Realising that controlling such a large operation denied his passion of working in a “hands-on” approach (which he enjoys so much), Jason took a bold and calculated step to transfer to Randwick and concentrate on a stable of just 20 boxes where he can devote all his energies to the success of these horses in his care.

For such a young man his “Honour Roll of Success” is incredible. Jason has won:

  • 2 Group 1 races
  • 2 Group 2 races
  • 4 Listed events in the past 2 years

Like many successful trainers before him, Jason’s "apparent overnight success" is actually the result of many hard years of apprenticeship. Jason had a dream but knew he needed the experience. He decided to spend a few years working with each leading trainer at Randwick and combine their skill levels, pick the eyes out of what and how each stable had achieved success and eliminate what appeared to Jason, were obvious areas to avoid. It’s more than fair to say Jason has done his apprenticeship longer than most, achieving foreman status for Gai Waterhouse and David Payne, Jason had also prior worked with John Size and John O'Shea. He has enjoyed the challenges of working in both small and large stables of horses.

Success came quickly for Jason after gaining his license, winning races with the “cast-offs” that had questionable form prior to joining the stable. These are the standard tools to trade for any aspiring young trainer.

The stable grew rapidly as astute owners were alert to his skills and horsemanship. His stable success continues to grow and his horses race well.

Jason’s aim is to continually strengthen his stable. He has a patience and a strong work ethic, which we at Dynamic applaud. We believe he deserves the opportunity to train quality thoroughbreds which will ensure he delivers the best for our horse’s.

The attention to detail that can only be found in a small team, provides tried horses and young thoroughbreds alike with an ideal environment to reach their potential. Jason offers a "hands-on" service to our equine athletes which gives them every opportunity to perform to their personal best.

Coyle Racing is committed to providing clients with a service that we are happy with.

Jason has the dedication and desire to become a force in the training ranks and looks forward to a successful season with our elite Dynamic thoroughbreds.

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