Dr. TIM ROBERTS - Contracted Veterinarian

“Our Due Diligence Is Your Quality Assurance” 

  It’s no surprise that Dynamic Syndications has achieved outstanding success built on sound business philosophies of: Transparency, Integrity, Client Service and Racetrack Results.

For the past 15 years, Dean Watt has been exclusively using the services of astute Sydney based veterinarian Dr. Tim Roberts of Centennial Park Veterinary Practice.

Dean Watt and Tim Roberts have developed an intrinsic understanding of one another’s thought patterns and processes over these years. Tim has assisted Dean develop and refine his personal equine knowledge and heighten Dean’s awareness and understanding of the bio-mechanics of horse conformation and movement.

Tim and Dean also have a deep understanding of the importance of critical analysis of every horse with a strict policy of never allowing any horse which is not the “Best of the Best” surviving the saleyard culling process.

Dean, Tim & Adam watching a yearlings
walking action
Both Tim and Dean have an excellent working relationship which has resulted in their high volume of winners. By working so closely together, this formed the basis for Dynamic Syndications 82.5% Runners : Winners Ratio.

Over the past few years Tim has also been assisting Adam Watt develop a sharp eye for these same bio-mechanical conformation and movement factors.

Dr. Roberts understands the significance for Dynamic Syndications to protect our client’s interests and also our own business reputation as racehorse syndicators, allowing us to only purchase “The Best of the Best”. Sound, Athletic horses with No Significant Findings noted on any of the X-rays and which are also Clean on Endoscopic evaluation. This gives our Dynamic clients maximum opportunity of racetrack success.

It’s Really Simple:

Dr. Tim Roberts ensures we only buy Athletic, Strong, Well Grown and Sound

Thoroughbreds which he has Passed Clean on X-ray and Endoscopic Evaluation.

Yearling Inspection in progress with
Tim Roberts
Dr. Roberts, having been a racing surgeon for many years in South Africa, developed a keener understanding of the relationship between form and function. That is: What conformational defects increase the likelihood of a breakdown injury and What conformational defects have little impact.

However, the one issue that is never questioned is X-rays. Dr. Roberts has continued to stress the importance of X-rays upon Team Dynamic for over a decade. Dynamic Syndications understands and embraces Dr. Roberts Golden Rule: “IF IN DOUBT – RULE IT OUT”. X-ray issues are never good. They usually require surgery to address the issue (if that is possible) but most certainly it multiplies the risk of breakdown significantly.

You would never buy a house without getting a building and pest report done – so why would you ever buy a horse without obtaining an X-ray report ?

X-rays being reviewed in repository room
prior to purchase
Trainer’s can break down sound horses – so they certainly don’t need to start off with a problem ! As humans, we are not blessed with X-ray vision, so without the assistance of an experienced veterinarian reading the X-rays, buyers of horses who do not get the X-rays checked are playing Russian roulette.

If a yearling passes this examination then Dr Roberts inspects a full set of 42 X-rays. Approximately 20% (1 in 5) of the horses that survive our saleyard inspection process fail their X-ray inspections. That risk is far too high.

If there were no abnormalities present on X-ray, then Dr. Roberts will pass this yearling and it is approved for purchase.

After being purchased, each yearling is allowed to be examined at the saleyard by endoscopic evaluation to check its throat function and wind flow. Horses found with any issues here may allow the purchaser to have the sale cancelled.

Dynamic Syndications always supply a copy of the Veterinary Certificate on the webpage for each horse we offer for sale and this report is also attached to our Product Disclosure Statement.

During the racing career of the horse should an issue develop with the horse we use Dr. Roberts as our consulting veterinarian to act as an expert and give our trainers guidance. Tim is on call for Team Dynamic should ever the need arise.