Spelling and Pre-Training

Oak Ridge & Wild Oaks at The Oaks NSW

Purpose built Training Track
  • 2 Properties : 1 Proprietor =
  • 1 Outstanding EQUINE Facility
  • 1 Hour from Sydney CBD

Oak Ridge Spelling Farm

  • 240 Silverdale Rd, The Oaks NSW 2570

Wild Oaks Farm

  • 40 Strathmore Rd, The Oaks NSW 2570

Like all things in business life – you build strong associations with people you trust and as a result you become reliant upon their knowledge, judgement and / or advice.

Tony Hall and Roy Davis have been caring for Dean Watt’s horses for over 15 years and have become an integral part of Dynamic Syndications success.

Tony and Roy are extremely well known by their industry peers and have earned the trust and respect of many elite Sydney stables and prominent owners. Tony and Roy are very well known in the Equestrian world and are regular attendees at horse shows as either judges or participants.

Roy Davis and Tony Hall

Timeline History

The boys originally commenced their thoroughbred agistment business at Shipton Lodge Cobbitty. Then in 1997 they purchased the specialised horse agistment property “Oak Ridge” at 240 Silverdale Rd., The Oaks and over time, developed and improved the property into a 5 star agistment showplace for valuable thoroughbreds.

Julia Ritchie - Proprietor of WILD OAKS & OAK RIDGE

In 2009, Ms Julia Ritchie, a prominent Racing Identity and a previous Director of the AJC (Julia is the daughter of the late racing identity Bill Ritchie), purchased another property in the district known as Wild Oaks Farm. This 200 acre property was also a purpose built thoroughbred facility and conducted an agistment and pre-training operation. During its history, the property has stood Stallions at Stud and has been successfully producing winners for decades.

Wild Oaks Farm has a heritage listed Homestead, a dual creek frontage with alluvial flats and high rolling hills, large paddocks, day yards, stables, training tracks and other specific improvements. From the peak of the property, the Sydney skyline can be seen.

The property also has historical significance to the district. The original Cobb & Co transport route from Sydney to Goulburn ran through the heart of the property because it offered an important water source for their horses. The Cobb & Co route now lies beneath part of the current racetrack.

Dean Watt has a close bond with Wild Oaks Farm. In 1994, Dean purchased Wild Oaks Farm (this property) on behalf of a Singapore based client and successful ran an agistment and pre-training operation alongside his Bloodstock Consultancy business. In 1996, it was this Wild Oaks Farm complex that Dean used when he took out his Trainers Licence in the South Eastern Racing Association (SERA) District. The SERA Stewards attended the property and reviewed the facilities and approved it as a training facility. Dean successfully trained his winners from Wild Oaks.

The property was on-sold in 1998.

Over the next decade, the property was neglected with no capital improvement and little maintenance. As a consequence the property became run down.

It was offered for sale again in 2009 and that’s when Julia Ritchie swooped. Julia had grand plans to develop the property into the absolute best of its type, working showpiece. Julia was aware that it required a significant capital injection so she created a master plan to turn her dreams into realities.

However before that work commenced, Julia realised that she also needed to employ expert horse husbandry and management skills to work the property. Julia approached her good friends Tony Hall and Roy Davis about her ideas and during ongoing discussions, Julia realised it would be advantageous to her plans if she acquired the boys property “Oak Ridge”.

So now, Julia Ritchie had 2 properties. The picture perfect “Oak Ridge” and “Wild Oaks Farm” a raw but acceptable working property in need of major facility upgrades.

Julia convinced Tony Hall and Roy Davis to stay on with the roles of managing both properties, overseeing the property capital work and also ensuring correct pasture improvements. Between Julia’s vision (and capital injection) and Tony and Roy’s equine and management skill sets, the three of them have achieved outstanding results which simply have to be seen to be believed.

Wild Oaks Farm has recently completed their significant capital works program, which now equates to incredible horse facilities and provides an exciting new era of service which enhances the care, conditioning and education of their client’s valuable equine investments.

Water Walker

One of the most exciting aspects of the facility upgrade was the installation of an Aquasiser (Water-Walker).

Water-Walkers: A relatively new concept in the training of thoroughbreds but one that has captured the attention of all trainers due to its therapeutic advantages for the majority of horses.

Specifically the horse’s walk in a purpose built large circular pool, chest deep in water. The machine sets a steady speed and the horses keep pace. Due to the buoyancy aspects of water, the horses work the cardio system without the jarring concussion associated with cantering and galloping. The horse’s foundation fitness is established and maintained without any pressure on its joints and feet. As a pre-training tool, this is vital for any horses with injury or coming back from injury.

In addition, it can be used as a rehabilitation tool if a horse suffers a minor injury during its training preparation. Also whilst a horse is recovering from an injury during a spell, the weight of the horse can be controlled.

As the Aquasiser is brand new and State-Of-The- Art, the design flaws of previous models have been addressed and this machine is the only modern water-walker of its type where clients can send their horses to use the facility in NSW.

Part of the New Stable Complex

The Wild Oaks Farm facilities now include:

  • A New Under Cover 8 horse Aquasiser (Water-Walker Machine)
  • 2 New Under Cover 8 horse Dry-Walker Machines (These 3 walkers are under a purpose built roof shelter protecting horses from the elements)
  • Also an additional New Dry-Walker was installed at Oak Ridge
  • 12 New Tie-Up Stalls
  • 28 Additional New Stables (rubber flooring, fully insulated) and associated facilities to increase the stabling capacity to 42 horses
  • New Day Yards with individual Day Shelters
  • A revamp of the 1600m grass training track which consists of an 800m straight and then, an incline for 800m allowing horses to develop muscle as the work up the hill
  • The track has New Aluminum Racetrack Rails and a Specific track irrigation system
  • New 4 Stall Starting Gates
  • A New 600m slow sand track for general conditioning and pre-training work
  • New Feed Rooms
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Wash Bays
  • Tack Rooms Sand Rolls both with covers
  • New Farrier Room Veterinary Facility

Day Yards at Wild Oaks

Clients with horses at Wild Oaks Farm or Oak Ridge are welcome to visit their horse and view the facilities however due to the high volume of horse traffic on the properties this remains “By Appointment Only”.