Breaking-In and Education


Shane Rose may not be the first name people think of when it comes to racing however for Dynamic Syndications,
he is certainly one of the most important team members we have.

Shane Rose

Shane is a crucial part of the Dynamic Team as he heads up the team at Bimbadeen Park who are responsible for breaking in and pre-training the vast majority of our thoroughbreds.For the past 5 years, Shane has worked closely with us breaking in and being responsible for all the Dynamic horses before they reach the track. Plenty of the Dynamic success on track can be attributed to the hard work that Shane and his team put in whilst breaking in our horses.

Bimbadeen Park Layout
The reason that we work with Shane is because he is the best at what he does and again he showed just how good a horseman he really is by winning a qualifying event for his second Olympic Games in London 2012.

Shane was a Member of the team that brilliantly won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Games as part of the equestrian eventing team however he has been an outstanding rider from a young age and has the accolades and medals to prove that.

Bimbadeen Park is ideally set up for Breaking in young horses.

Bimbadeen is owned and operated by Shane Rose who resides at the property along with their committed staff. This ensures the property has 24/7 surveillance.

Situated close to Werombi NSW, Bimbadeen Park is a purpose built property for the education and pre-training of young thoroughbred horses.

Bimbadeen Park facilities include, a covered round yard, a well maintained 1000m all weather gallop track, an 8 horse walker, 2 stable blocks with 17 stables; 27 yards with shelters, 3 horse barrier and dressage arena and a variety of different riding venues around the property.

Shane Rose and his team know that education begins at an early age. Your horse's first few rides set the path for their future so it is vital that it is done properly.

Your horse will begin its educated firstly from the ground and then, in the saddle. Every horse is an individual and the experience is often confronting for a young horse. Therefore each horse is treated as an individual, so the pace of progression is established by the horse not the educator. Shane and his team do not progress until your youngster has mastered each step. Simply, extra time is taken for every horse when and where it is needed.

Shane Rose and his staff are experienced in breaking in and training young horses for the racetrack.

About Shane Rose

Shane Rose: Owner - Manager & Head Rider

Shane Rose on the eventing course at Olympics in Beijing 2008 - Shane at the Medal Presentation (left)

Shane is a very experienced horseman with over 25 years experience in the industry.  He is an accomplished competition rider and is an Olympic Silver Medalist from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for Eventing.

Shane loves working with young horses and helping them reach their potential.

He uses his performance horse skills to better educate young thoroughbreds. Shane particularly enjoys this task of breaking in young horses and feels it sets the foundations for a young horse’s career.

We also employ Shane’s services for any re-education work needed with horses that have developed behavioural issues including barrier problems.

When Your Horse Has Completed its Education:

Shane is in constant contact with Dynamic Syndications and reports weekly as to the progress of each youngster in his care. When he is satisfied they are ready to leave, Shane will take a photo/video of the horse under saddle and writes a detailed report as to how the horse progressed.

Shane's staff take a photo of one of our youngsters under
saddle to show that the horse is well educated.
Sometimes Shane believes certain young horses are not coping with the education process either mentally or physically. As each horse is an individual, he advises that we send the youngster back to the paddock and start again in 4 – 6 weeks time allowing the horse to settle down away from the stress and hype of being broken-in.

Simply Shane will never allow a horse to go from his care to a Trainer until he is 100% satisfied the horse is ready.

Shane Rose - Timeline 1994

When Shane was 21, he realised his first goal, representing Australia in the Young Rider Trans Tasman competition with Mr. Joe Cool. They won both the NZ Young Rider One & Three Day championships and the team won the Young Rider Trans Tasman trophy for the first time.

1996 Shane was selected on the squad to the Atlanta Olympic Games and went to the States with Mr. Joe Cool. Shane was selected #3 and #4 from Australia and had to decide between Dudley and Joe. As Joe was the most "cool" and was more reliable, so Joe it was. Unfortunately Joe went lame in the USA just before the Games but Shane was lucky enough to get some teaching jobs and a commission to set up a cross country course in the lead up to the Games.

1998, Shane went to Rome with It's A Knockout (Josh) and rode at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) as a member of the Australian team. This was a mixture of thrill and disappointment. After a really sensational dressage test, Shane had to walk Josh home about 4 jumps before the end of the course. He was exhausted. It turned out he had caught a bacterial infection which cut off his breathing.

2003, Shane in partnership with Niki Chapman purchased the property in Werombi (1hr south west of Sydney), they named it 'Bimbadeen Park'.  Together they have set up their racehorse breaking and pre training business to compliment their performance horse business.

2006, Shane was selected with All Luck for the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany.  Unfortunately Lucky and Shane did not complete that event.  They did however have success in the prestigious Burghley Cross Country International in 2006 finishing 3rd.

2008, Shane and Lucky were selected for the Beijing Olympic Games Team where they won a Silver Medal.  Although Lucky did not put his best foot forward in the dressage, he came out all guns blazing for the cross country and clocked up the best cross country round of the day. 

2012, Shane and Taurus won the Sydney International 3 Day Event which is a selection event for the London 2012 Olympics.

New Ambitions

Shane has a wonderful team of horses that look to have the ability to be successful on the world stage.  Shane is now working towards the next Olympic Games and World Championships.

Secondly but very importantly to both him and us, Shane had immense satisfaction telling me that he has broken-in some fantastic moving young horses for Dynamic Syndications and is adamant amongst them is our next round of Stakes Winners !

The equine lottery is that clients have to determine by choice – which one?