The Call to the Barrier

With its long, powerful stride; its massive lungs; its well-muscled body; and a temperament focused on the elusive quality of courage and tenacity (“heart”) the Thoroughbred is an animal born to run.

Breeding the ultimate equine athlete was exactly what the British gentry had in mind when they began developing the breed some 250 years ago. It remains the goal of breeders today. Generations of selective breeding have produced today’s Thoroughbred – an animal 20 centimeters taller and 12 seconds faster per 1600m than his ancestors of 250 years ago.

The Thoroughbred industry’s pursuit of excellence begins with the breeding and foaling of the equine athlete and comes to fruition on the racetrack. The close relationship between breeders and owners is intrinsic to the Thoroughbred tradition.

Dynamic Syndications believes the future of the Thoroughbred industry belongs to those who welcome both the excitement and the challenge of the sport.

The way to the winner’s circle is a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work - We hope to see you there soon!