Brad Widdup


A new chapter commenced at Hawkesbury Racecourse’s glamourous stable facility PLATINUM PARK, the 5 star horse property owned by Damion Flower’s Jadesky Racing.


Damion welcomed well known industry horseman Brad Widdup to take over the helm and establish a new training stable.

It has already proved a masterstroke as Brad has now embarked on his new career challenge - to become a public trainer in his own right and …… and what a debut for the new trainer’s career – his first runner is a winner !

That’s the realisation that BRAD WIDDUP has just embraced, as his first runner JUNGLIZED easily won the first race in Canberra on their relaunched Acton track.

"It doesn't matter where it is, you're first winner is always a special one," Brad Widdup said.

"It's just nice to get going.

"There's a lot of work ahead to make this successful and it's great that my first winner was for Damion (Flower) who's the main reason behind me going out on my own."

"I've been very lucky during my career to have some wonderful mentors and the transition to running my own business has been what I expected," Brad Widdup commented.

"We're off and running now so I'm really looking forward to the challenges ahead and my next runner."


It has taken no time at all for BRAD to establish himself as a trainer with ability.

Brad Widdup & Adam Watt


is doing a brilliant job !
(as we believed he would)

NOBODY in NSW with over 120 + starters is training better !

He has proven to the industry he is a formidable force as a trainer and all participants have taken notice.

BRAD as at 30/1/18 has now trained:

135 Starters = 35 Winners ! = 26% Winning Strike Rate


38 Have Been Placed = 28.2% Strike Rate

That's 73 of his Starters have finished in the first 3 = 54.2%

He's doing a brilliant job with his 2yo's as well ~

10 2yo Starts = 4 wins (40%) + 6 placings (60%)

With First Up Starters:
Runners = 6 Winners (37.5%) + 3 placed (18.75%)


With COLTS: 12 Starters = 7 Winners (58%)


27 City Starters  = 6 Wins (22.2%) & 13 placed (48.2%)

For the 2017/18 Racing Season - at the half-way point of 26 weeks:

Brad has recorded: 120 Starters = 30 Winners (25%) + 35 Placed (29.2%)

Platinum Park is s state of the art horse training facility at Hawkesbury

Brad Widdup needs no introduction to most racing enthusiasts, as his presence amongst the racing industry is widespread and well respected.

Brad has gained a wealth of experience over 25 years in the industry and his knowledge combined with his horsemanship skills are second to none.

Brad representing Godolphin leads in another winner

Many will know of Brad as the mainstay of the Darley / Godolphin Empire over the past 10 years where happy to avoid the spotlight, he had been an instrumental cog in their wheel of the racing juggernaut.

His contribution and loyalty along with the results achieved speaks for itself.

Brad (second from left) was an instrumental part of the Godolphin Training Team

Brad’s history includes stints as the number 1 foreman at Randwick for the Rogerson and Moses stables before heading out to Warwick Farm to work under the Ingham / Hawkes factory.

When Ingham’s parted ways with Hawkes, Snowden rose to head trainer and Brad rose to the number 1 foreman for the Ingham / Snowden camp.

Brad Widdup in the trainer's clocking tower at Warwick Farm

Then Darley brought out the Ingham’s however the training stables operations remained until Darley took a new direction three years ago and separated with Snowden.

This heralded the start of the Darley / O’Shea era where Brad remained in his roll with the racing powerhouse until Brad and his wife Milissa made the decision in March 2017 that Brad should become a public trainer in his own right.

In what will be a family involved venture, Brad Widdup is accompanied by his wife Milissa who is well credentialed within our industry and importantly a fabulous horse woman herself.

Brad Widdup was granted his trainers licence and commenced his new operation on Monday 8th May 2017.

His first runner was on 26 May history now shows won with ease at Canberra.

In the initial stages of Brad's training career, Damion Flower’s magnificently bred, high quality Jadeskye Racing's horses will be trained by Brad Widdup, along with many horse’s from outside clients.

Damion Flower of Jadeskye Racing said "I believe Brad will be a great asset to our industry and will also be a great trainer in his own right in time to come.”


Dynamic Syndications have also joined the stable and are supporting Brad Widdup with horses.

Dean Watt first met Brad and Milissa back in 2004 when Brad joined the Rogerson Stables at Randwick.

Soon after Milissa was employed by Dean as a secretary for the syndication business.

Then Brad shifted down High Street from Rogerson to the Moses stables to be number 1 foreman, so we followed Brad to that stable to maintain horses under Brad’s care and attention before Brad and Milissa took advantage of the opportunity to move out to Warwick Farm.

Adam Watt ~ Brad Widdup ~ Dean Watt at Rosehill, June 2017.

From Dynamic Syndications perspective, we have no doubt Brad will be an instant success and quickly become a formidable force in the Sydney training ranks in the years to come.

Pictures of the magnificent Platinum Park Racing Stables at Hawkesbury Racecourse.

Coupled with having the best training facilities in Sydney at his disposal, along with a motivated family behind him, we anticipate seeing many winners being produced by Brad Widdup from his Platinum Park stables.

The first of many Dynamic Syndications horses arrived at Platinum Park on Day 1.

BRAD WIDDUP with his Brother-In-Law Christian Reith.

Since our partnership began, the statistics reveal as at 1/2/18 we’ve had:

56 Race Starts (from 14 Individual Runners)

10 Individual Winners

13 Race Wins

8 Seconds

10 Thirds

7 Fourths

56 Starts: 13 Wins, 8 Seconds, 10 Thirds, 7 Fourths

13 Winners : 56 Runners = 23.2%

31 Placed (1-2-3) : 56 Runners = 55.4%

38 First Four : 56 Runners = 67.9%

These stats are phenomenal.

Amongst BRAD's early success are the following Dynamic Syndications horses:


WE HAVE LIFT OFF - CITY WINNER (2 Starts: 1-0-0-0)
WITCHES - CITY WINNER (3 Starts: 1-0-1-1)

PLEASANTRIES - 2 WINS (2 Starts: 2-0-0-0)
ABERRATION - 2 WINS (6 Starts: 2-2-1-1)
CHILCOTIN - 2 WINS (7 Starts: 2-2-2-1)

RESORT – WINNER (3 Starts: 1-0-1-1)
I AM SPECIAL – WINNER (3 Starts: 1-0-0-0)
OVERREACTIVE – WINNER (5 Starts: 1-2-1-1)
CAPEABEEL – WINNER (7 Starts: 1-1-3-1)
MIAMI DADE – WINNER (8 Starts: 1-1-0-0)

IBINI – PLACED (1 Start: 0-0-1-0)

Unplaced to date (but with their hooves on the till are):

FEMTOMETRE (1 Start: 0-0-0-0)
SILENT SEA (3 Starts: 0-0-0)
LUNAR SPIN (5 Starts: 0-0-0-1)

With such an amazingly successful start to his trainer’s career (which must be taken into consideration is that BRAD WIDDUP has only been training horses for 8 months), it was an obvious choice to buy some high quality yearlings for BRAD to train on our behalf.

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